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A shout out to all my fellow marketers who’ve been put ‘on the spot’ on many occasions about what they do and why it’s valuable. Here are my top 5 struggles as a marketer…see if you can relate.

1. Marketing and telemarketing is not the same thing

Have you ever been in a situation where you at a party or some kind of gathering and told someone what you do? Next minute they are complaining to you about how annoying it is that telemarketers call you at random times, in the middle of a meeting or dinner and that they wish those would just go away. They continue the conversation saying they know you are just doing your job but you should really change the way things are done. In the meantime, you are getting infuriated and can’t wait to yell out that telemarketing is actually sales NOT marketing at all.Madtrix Blog for Marketers

2. What do you actually do?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked this question. Do you design posters? Do you post stuff on Facebook, do you run advertising campaigns? Well as a marketer you know you do all of the above and more. So, is it time we create an elevator pitch for ourselves? If I had to create one for myself it’d go something like this…

I look after all the marketing activities for the business. I work for Madtrix which is a start-up so my main task at the moment is creating awareness about what we specialize in.

3. But when will we get sales?

So let’s be serious for one second, we all know the aim of marketing is eventually to increase sales, of course, it’s only logical.

  • Branding = Sales
  • Customer relationship management = Sales
  • Promotions = Sales

There’s no escaping the inevitable that we work to sell more and increase market share for the business. But when you are in a meeting and someone indicates that the campaign you just ran is probably failing as no new sales have come in yet you must feel the same frustration I do. Not every time you run a campaign do you get immediate results. Customers go through different stages…blah, blah but who really wants to listen to that right? Here is when a good Marketing Dashboard comes in handy. Just show them the numbers, plain and simple. Madtrix Blog for Marketers

4. Everyone has an opinion about everything – sometimes we just need to bite the bullet!

As a company that has just rebranded, believe me, I understand the pain when everyone has an opinion and it gets harder and harder to make a decision. So, what is your role as the marketer in this situation? Be the moderator, the voice of reason put forward your experiences and your expertise. No longer will the committee feel that ‘just selecting’ the prettiest picture available is the only task. Try it and let me know how you go. Or have you had a similar experience, share with us? Madtrix Blog for Marketers


5. We are masters of the art of coordinating

That’s what we do best, isn’t it? Jack of all trades and master of some? We try to spend the day not getting bogged down with 1 job, deligate, deligate, deligate… Hard to make others understand this when they think you are not doing anything but really without you at the helm of it, all things would fall apart. That’s another struggle for us, is to make people understand that the art of coordination is really much harder than it looks. Madtrix Blog for Marketers

So here’s to us Marketers, at least we understand what we do and we can cheer each other on!
If you’ve got any interesting stories about ‘what do you really do?’ pop a comments below. I’m sure, we could all have a chuckle at it together ☺

 Author: Amelia Dash

A bit about me. I’m the Marketing Technologist at Madtrix. My background is in digital marketing and I’ve continued my passion by embarking my PhD thesis on online consumer psychology. Working in Australia, China and now Finland I’ve acquired a pool of knowledge about digital marketing.

If you want to speak directly to me, you can find me on LinkedIn

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