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Madtrix is a SaaS product company, developing and offering Data Platform for Marketing Performance Analytics for its corporate and marketing agency customers globally. Madtrix is built on its team’s years of experience in data analytics, data platforms and BI-tools. Madtrix brings this expertise in its product together with deep knowledge in digital marketing, sales, and customer service to offer unparalleled customer experience and very fast time-to-value for both IT and business decision makers, like CMOs and CEOs.

Madtrix makes marketing’s overall business impact and performance understandable and enables easy access to advanced analytics by automated data modelling and warehousing processes.

The Madtrix brand was launched in April 2018 and is on a mission to make marketing the No.1 asset in every company. Madtrix serves customers globally and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

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What’s Going On in the World of Marketing?

Traditional marketing functions and operations are under disruption. Companies are focused on growth, but overall there is a pressure to decrease corporate marketing budgets, forcing marketers to pay closer attention to their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). Only reporting baseline metrics in marketing like CPC, sessions or leads are no longer delivering enough value to the business decision making process. Marketers now demand to see the end-to-end business impact, understand customer experience, and benchmark their performance against competition.

To facilitate organisational transformation, it is integral to apply advanced data analytics and understand the optimal marketing mix (including inhouse and outsourced tasks).

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Why Does Your Company Need Madtrix?

Madtrix Marketing Performance Analytics is applied to explain the cost and efficiency of producing new sales and revenue through marketing activities. This includes how marketing & communications can prevent customer churn, and how data-driven marketing can generate new ‘up and cross-selling’ opportunities. Madtrix helps companies understand marketing & communications, sales, and customer success as one common ‘top-line value chain’ instead of functional corporate silos.

Madtrix starts by collecting, integrating, and storing the relevant top-line performance data into a central location referred to as a Marketing Data Warehouse. This enables the analysis of overall business impact of marketing investments. Earlier this required laborious and extensive data warehouse projects, but now this is built within Madtrix SaaS to have your marketing data warehouse set up instantly.

As a result, Marketing can contribute valuable insights towards the entire business strategy process including product and service design. We call this Marketing Performance Analytics and we’ve put it together in an easily deployable SaaS product – Madtrix.

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We Make Marketing the No.1 Asset in Every Company

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At Madtrix we are on a mission to give Marketers the superpower they need to get real-time business performance metrics linked to their strategic objectives. Marketing affects all areas of business performance, the Madtrix MPA Platform will help businesses track, analyze, and forecast the impact of Marketing on ROI and Strategic Business Goals.

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