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Data visualization: only a visualization tool or a data platform?

Having and accessing data are two different things. Understanding and using are yes, yet again different. There are ‘easy pickings’ to achieve data-driven capabilities with data visualization. In this blog, we’ll go through the differences in visualization tools and data platforms. Do you know the differences between these two? After the blog, you understand the…
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Marketing analytics – how to start?

Marketing is changing all the time. The mediums, tactics, tech – everything is scaling up for the good of marketing. The most important part, marketing based on results and performance, is getting more and more traction among marketing professionals. Here are basic tips for the process: even if you have started it, you should continuously…
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Data-driven marketing: How to start

The basis for performing marketing is quality and good data. Read how to thrive in a data jungle and become a data-driven marketing organization to ensure fast insights with the best value. What is data-driven marketing? Data vs. feelings. Discussion regarding these two entities is raving – which one should you rely on your marketing…
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The Holy Trinity for Effective Marketing Performance Analytics

Reporting is a part of a much biggest beast we must conquer as marketers. Collecting and storing data is equally as important to be able to produce reports that your team and the company can use to achieve its targets.

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A Marketing Data Warehouse? It’s about time!

I think by now we all know what a data warehouse is. But is your marketing data also incorporated with your current data warehouse? Traditional businesses have thought data warehousing is for sales, procurement, and customer data but the performance of marketing channels was usually not considered. Here is how Wikipedia defines a data warehouse:…
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