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Image or Video? A look at what works better for Digital Marketing.

Aside from carefully selecting a target audience, the marketing channel, budgets, and conversion goals, most importantly you have to create rich content capable of convincing your audience to engage with your business. However, often advertisers find it very difficult to choose between either making use of image ads or video ads. Here is my take…
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3 marketing channels to focus on in 2018-2019

3 Marketing Channels to Focus on in 2018-2019

The main reason businesses invest in any form of marketing channels is to make more sales and generate more revenue. This means, to get the best return on your investment in marketing, you must look for the best channels that would give your business the necessary platform to make more sales. Now, we all know…
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3 Newsworthy Articles for Todays Marketers

3 Newsworthy Articles for Today’s Marketers

We all know that the marketing world is an ever-changing one. While, on one hand, this is largely due to continuous advancement in technology, the need for businesses to stand out amidst stiff competition also contributes to it. Even 10 years ago it was almost impossible to think a startup like Madtrix would be able…
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Does your Marketing need a Data Warehouse & access to Historical Data

Does your Marketing need a Data Warehouse & access to Historical Data?

As marketers, we know the importance of checking our social media analytics on a regular basis. We are always on top of what’s happening in real-time, but have you wondered how historical data is equally as important to the business? You may have noticed that social channels have limitations on how far back their insights go?…
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After a fair bit of trial and error, accompanied by extensive research and business experience here are my top tips for building a killer lead generation landing page. 1. Give your page an appropriate page title: something that describes what’s on the page and is also SEO friendly 2. The page header is important as this…
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