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5 Must Dos Before You Start Planning & Monitoring MPA Dashboards


The main purpose of marketing is to generate new sales and make existing sales transitions sustainable. Marketing performance analytics measures this relationship between marketing and sales targets and helps you see the impact of marketing on the overall business goals. However, before you can delve into the world of MPA and how the MADTRIX Dashboard can…
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Marketing performance analytics

3 Great Blogs about Marketing Performance Analytics

We now know that it’s no longer enough to just show the results of standalone marketing activities, it has become a requirement to show the effect on marketing on the overall business goals. Here are 3 great sources for you to learn more about Marketing Performance Analytics (MPA). 1. 5 Ways to Analyze Your Social…
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What is Marketing Performance? Let’s start the conversation

What is Marketing Performance Analytics? Let’s start the conversation

Marketing activities have become more measurable now than ever before which means CEOs, CMOs, and the board are demanding to see what exact results are being derived from marketing. This is the essential idea behind marketing performance. Simply put marketing performance analytics shows the true impact of marketing on the business. “Marketing Performance is marketing’s…
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