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Latua Group Oy & Madtrix Partnership

“From the very beginning, it has been easy to co-operate with Madtrix. Our companies’ experiences and offerings complement each other perfectly, thus we have been able to build value-added solutions for our customers. All our customer projects involving Madtrix were carried out with consistency, flexibility, in a planned manner and delivered brilliant customer experience,” says Mrs. Mailis Orakoski, Managing Director, Latua Group.

Madtrix’s and Latua Group’s work for the pharmaceuticals industry has been very well received by the target audience. Madtrix’s analytics and software competence together with Latua Group’s pharmaceuticals industry consulting excellence made it possible.

“Because of successful partnering with Madtrix, our customers can enjoy better business performance through knowledge management. All measures and KPI’s are harmonised, understandably visualised and instantly shared online with all commercial team membersand top management. Correlations between marketing investments, sales team activities and sales results are clearly presented for better decision making. Our customers can now efficiently allocate their resources in revenue functions, focus on commercial performance development and team building instead of spending hours in routine operative tasks by manually collecting data from different sources and formats”, according to Mrs. Orakoski about the benefits of collaborating with Madtrix.

Madtrix is very happy with the outcomes of the cooperation. “Latua Group has really shown their expertise in Pharmaceuticals industry. Together we have configured Madtrix to cover pharmaceuticals industry’s requirements for managing data from various sources and displaying the results clearly. We are confident that this solution can benefit the whole industry,” says Mr. Jarkko Kerkola CEO of Madtrix. If this case and partnering with Madtrix seems interesting to you, CLICK HERE to reach out to our team.

Latua Group Oy is a consulting company who provides a wide range of commercial services for the pharmaceuticals industry and private healthcare organizations. The professionals at Latua Group have extensive experience in senior commercial positions in international pharmaceuticals sector and thus have the view from both sides of the desk. Latua Group has a special emphasis on strategic knowledge management.

The team is performance and solution-oriented and knows how to execute efficiently without hassle. Latua Group and Madtrix forms a seamless team to find industry benchmark solutions that fit their end-customers’ analytical needs and have a visible business impact.

Customer Case: Valio

When starting the co-operation with Madtrix, Valio felt it was necessary to streamline the processes that produced marketing, sales and market information in order to make the information instantly available throughout the organization.

“We kicked-off an internal project to start utilizing quality information in our sales and marketing to serve our customers better. Madtrix enables fast and effortless collection of various data from the internet and different social media applications for further processing in our Data Warehouse. Our Data Scientists can concentrate on data analytics instead of spending time on data collection,” says Jukka Virtanen, Project Manager at Valio.

Madtrix teamed-up with its’ partner Avarea and delivered a solution which combines multiple data sources into Valio’s data warehouse to give the users a comprehensive view on their sales and marketing performance drivers – all in the one place. Also, the inclusion of nearly real-time market & industry data in all areas of the decision making process across Valio has increased dramatically.

Mr. Virtanen is very positive about the co-operation and the concrete results the solution brings along: “Co-operation is very smooth and both the Product and Services are meeting our high expectations. Already during the solution consultancy phase, it became clear that we have chosen the right professionals to help with our project.”

“It has been an exciting journey to deliver a solution for a leading brand like Valio. Again, having our fellow partner Avarea with their superior analytics consultancy in this project, we have made an entry to Food & Beverage industry. Serving an international company like Valio, with its’ €1,7 Mio yearly Revenue and over 4.000 employees, has brought us as a SaaS company to next level,” says Jarkko Kerkola, CEO at Madtrix.

If this customer case seems interesting and you’d like to find out how Madtrix can benefit your business, CLICK HERE to contact our friendly team.

Valio is Finland’s largest milk producer, and market leader in all significant dairy product categories in the country. The company is owned by 17 cooperatives and accounts for 30% of all Finnish food exports.

Valio’s strategy focus on producing tasting experiences and consumer wellbeing responsibly and aligns with the latest global consumer trends. Valio introduced more than 100 new products in 2017. One of their current priorities is Big Data, which is catered by modern knowledge management and analytics solutions.

Customer Case: Invesdor

“We want better information on target companies and investors. We want to understand how our actions effect our results. Investments made on our platform and user registrations are some of the metrics we follow.” “Actually, our project with MADTRIX could be described as boring because it was run very smoothly. The visualization of data just for our use has given us significantly better conditions to do the right things at the right time,” Lasse Mäkelä, CEO of Invesdor.


Understanding customers and prospects is vitally important in digitalized fundraising. Invesdor needed an easy and fast solution to analyze data from the web. The data includes web visits and customer transactions. Analysing customer data is important for example mapping the customer journey. Previously the tool we used tool has been a spreadsheet and its limitations such as slowness and resource-intensity are not acceptable anymore.


MADTRIX focused on solving two main challenges for Invesdor. Visualizing data to help Invesdor produce better services on-time and to support data-driven business development to grow customer value. MADTRIX proved that taking advantage of analytics does not require large investments or resources from customer. The solution provided for Invesdor is a SaaS tool which is scalable to Invesdor’s growing business.


The project was handed over to Invesdor in two months. This crowdfunding company is now able to make faster decisions to support business growth and development. Customer understanding and analytics on data is on a new level in the company and previously used spreadsheets are history. Understanding business impacts from different actions and following key KPIs have increased conversion rates. If this customer case seems interesting and you’d like to find out how Madtrix can benefit your business, CLICK HERE to contact our friendly team.

Invesdor helps businesses from all fields and development stages – from technology startups to listed companies in more traditional industries – to raise funding online, efficiently and securely. Invesdor is the market leader in equity crowdfunding in the Nordics and a strong challenger in the UK.

Customer Story: Terve Media


    • Collect all information to one easily managed location
    • Modernise and automate the ad reporting process, which had been identified as laborious and error-prone
    • Challenge traditional operating models and demonstrate industry leadership in the field
  • To be transparent to the end users of the service – both doctors and advertisers


    • MADTRIX, which consists of a one-time implementation project and a continuous SaaS service, was selected as the solution
    • Information from the ad management system, publishing platform, email marketing tool, and web analytics tools is automatically gathered and stored in a central location
    • Customer-specific reporting on the effectiveness of advertising is implemented by selecting and customising metrics on automated dashboards based on relevance to each customer
    • The visualisation of clear and easy-to-read performance metrics was done using Microsoft Power BI, and going forward Terve Media also have the ability to develop reports independently
  • Access to customer specific reports can easily be restricted to those with appropriate login credentials


    • Efficient training provided by MADTRIX has helped Terve Media staff quickly obtain the skills to develop and tweak the solution
    • Near real-time information on the effectiveness of marketing
    • It is now possible to effectively compare and improve the impact of different advertising contents
  • The automated reporting process means the focus can be shifted to creating detailed and customised reports for each customer

“MADTRIX implemented a solution on schedule, which allows us to deliver an automated and efficient service to our customers,” Sami Oittinen, Commercial Manager of Terve Media Oy. If this customer case seems interesting and you’d like to find out how Madtrix can benefit your business, CLICK HERE to contact our friendly team.

The objective of Terve Media is to analytically and transparently offer healthcare marketing professionals an accurate view of the effectiveness of marketing within commercial media. With our new marketing analytics tool, we are able to offer our partners the ability to compare and continuously improve content as well as effectively conduct detailed reporting.

Terve Media Oy produces and publishes expert media and services for healthcare professionals. The Lääkä website is used by around 12,000 specialist doctors each month. Terve Media additionally publishes the (Care), (Pharmacy), and Hammaslääkä (Dentistry) websites.

Customer Case: Pfizer

With a large organisation and various sources of data it became difficult for Pfizer Finland to report on their sales KPIs and consolidating data for strategic decision making. The process of having visibility on sales performance and market information was time consuming and laborious which hindered them from being able to help the sales department, improve internal processes, and increase positive business impact. When they uncovered the solution Madtrix offered regarding performance analytics and omni-channel data consolidation, they were instantly interested.

The Commercial Lead of Pfizer Internal Medicine Finland, Mr. Turo Pikkarainen, says that “after using the solution provided by Madtrix, all our strategic sales KPI’s are automatically consolidated into a single dashboard, which is instantly shared with respective business owners within the company. We can now focus on our sales activity improvement and allocate resources more efficiently.” With Madtrix, Pfizer can process large amounts of market and sales data instantly and they are already experiencing benefits such as finding a correlation between their frontline activities, sales and improved customer experience in Finland.

“Thanks to Madtrix, we now have one common way of reporting commercial KPIs and have them within reach of all our representatives online. Now, we can visualise and analyse how our representatives perform individually and within their markets, which in turn help to improve their performance on the field,” Mr. Pikkarainen adds. According to him the co-operation with Madtrix has been very flexible and productive. Mr. Pikkarainen also states that “the Madtrix performance analytics tool is user-friendly and has a modern way of delivering insights even when the analytical context is complicated, this perfectly fulfilled all of Pfizer Finland Internal Medicine team’s requirements.”

“In a very competitive industry like Pharmaceuticals you need to act fast and responsibly. I think we managed well to deliver Madtrix SaaS solution to fulfill Pfizer’s needs and, most importantly, with visible process efficiency increase and overall business impact.” Says Mr. Jarkko Kerkola, CEO at Madtrix.

Madtrix delivers marketing data-analytics SaaS solutions for its customers. If you are indinterested in finding the right analytics solution for multiple data sources, please contact our helpful team members by CLICKING HERE.

Pfizer Inc is a leading research-based biopharmaceutical company. They apply science and their global resources to deliver innovative therapies that extend and significantly improve lives. They work in developed and emerging markets to treat, cure and eradicate life-threatening conditions and challenge some of the most feared diseases of current times.

Pfizer also collaborates with healthcare providers, governments and local communities to support and expand access to reliable, and affordable healthcare around the world. Pfizer operates in Finland with around 130 employees and is representing and marketing over 100 different medical products.

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