Image or Video? A look at what works better for Digital Marketing.

Image or Video? A look at what works better for Digital Marketing.

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Aside from carefully selecting a target audience, the marketing channel, budgets, and conversion goals, most importantly you have to create rich content capable of convincing your audience to engage with your business. However, often advertisers find it very difficult to choose between either making use of image ads or video ads. Here is my take on the key elements of both video and image ads to make your decision-making process a little bit easier. One of the major benefits of digital advertising is that you have the choice of different display mediums for the same content. With something like advertising, which has a direct effect on your business growth you need to be educated on all fronts to create the most impactful ads.

So, let’s get on with it…

High-Quality Video Ads Convince People More

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The digital world is filled with different types of ads all aimed at convincing prospective buyers to buy a product or engage a service. However, actors in the digital world tend to be more attracted to high-quality videos and always impliedly conclude that whatever product or services the video ad is showcasing are a quality one. This can be very helpful to attract people to your business.

Image Ads Perform Faster Than Video Ads

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Considering the many activities individuals carry out at any given time in the digital world, it is almost easy to conclude that these people are impatient to watch a video ad. So, making use of an image ad, provided it contains high-quality graphics that pass the message in a short, easy to understand and convincing manner, is capable of reaching out to more people quicker than a video ad. This is because video still requires to watch time no matter how short it is. Image ads perform faster because you can view it easily and quickly.

Video Ads Create a More Lasting Memory Than Image Ads

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Even though video ads are not as fast to comprehend as image ads in line with the many multitasking abilities of individuals, video ads can be compelling. Powerful in the sense that it is able to create a long-lasting memory in the minds of viewers than image ads. This follows the ‘we get to remember what we see better than what we read’ philosophy.

The debate as to which is better between image ads and video ads will be a long lasting one with different views. However, for marketers, it is important to understand the nature of your own business and that of your target audience first. This way, you can choose which of the two will work best for you. Of course, this is also reliant on the platform you are advertising on. Here is a great blog by Hubspot that looks further into what performs better on Facebook, Video or Images: Which Performs Better in Facebook Ads? and another blog from Wordstream regarding Google ads Search vs. Display: Which Google Ads Network Should You Use?

So, in conclusion, what you need to do is find a method to monitor which performs the best for you and this will minimise the time and effort you need before running any advertising campaign. Try the Madtrix MPA platform today, it doesn’t only show you marketing analytics but how your advertising is affecting your overall business performance. Through the Madtrix MPA platform, you’ll be able to see which ads performed best and attained the largest share of your business goals. Then you can create your own benchmark as to which performs best for your business and target audience.

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 Author: Amelia Dash

A bit about me. I’m the Marketing Technologist at MADTRIX. My background is in digital marketing and I’ve continued my passion by embarking on my Ph.D. thesis on online consumer psychology. Working in Australia, China and now Finland I’ve acquired a pool of knowledge about digital marketing.

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