Madtrix for IT / Data

One platform to store & distribute all the BI data.

Connect all your data sources to one cloud data platform for automated data storing, processing & modeling. Make the data accesable with Madtrix or other BI tool. Most of all: make it simple.

Help your organisation to discuss with data: have a common ground with visualized, real-time analytics.


Save resources from time & money consuming data warehouse project by building it instantly. Our automated data platform makes it effotless to implement and use a data warehouse.


Effortless, automated means to distribute & share data with and for business functions in understandable form with one data warehouse.


Connection to all your relevant data sources, automated data platform and our support to develop & maintain the solution.

What if your expert leaves your team: what happens to your custom build solution?


Take the strain of from the cooperation with other stakeholders with easy & efficient implementation and distribution of Madtrix. Sharing is caring.

See how it helps with sales data!

Madtrix is your automated database. Platform for all business data.

Collect all your business data to one place and use it for your organisations needs. Our centralised & automated database enables a holistic usage & view from data.

Building data silos with in source systems undermines efficiency of your company. It is the first stumbling block when shift to data-driveness is seeked.

Data warehouse made easy & fast.

Starting datawarehouse instantly for business used to cost hefty consultancy fees and it took months to build. We wanted to rethink this structure. Along came Madtrix MPA. Our database collects, stores, models and distributes all the collected data. As a result, implementing a datawarehouse is effortless.


By connecting your datasources, Madtrix starts to automatically populate your database with historical & current data. All data management processes are also automatic.


All data sources connected to one platform with automated processes. Thus, you have historical & present data always on hand even if needs change.


Data observation and analytics are automatically built by Madtrix. Thus, your time can be used in optimizing other parts of your IT.


Our MPA makes it easy to distribute and benefit from data – you don’t have to worry about usability & analytics. Or anything.

See it how it works.

Datawarehouse + your data = automated data analytics & reporting

You can establish data analytics for your organisation as a result of your datawarehouse. Sales, marketing & other business relevant is data stored in one location which enables the swift shift to the era of data-driven business.

 We want to make this shift as easy as possible for you & and your company. Your cloud-based database makes all the work for you with a fraction of traditional costs. We made it simple.

Use Case

Our customers from different industries have the same problem: there’s a lot of data in different locations and it should be still used centrally & in scalable manner. This scattered data is vital for companies strategical decision making, understanding customers & markets and for business performance development.


Our customers operate on multiple markets and variety of segments but their needs unify them: in order to make data useful, it has to be collected, stored, modeled… Well, processed from start to finish.


Every company cumulates data but a lot of them are unable or just do not use it. This uncollected data hinders the business development: the thriving organisations are using their data & others are lagging behind.


Madtrix MPA is implemented for organisation as centralised data platform. It does all the data managment tasks automatically for our clients (and their clients). All important stakeholders get their needs catered concerning data-driveness.


Customers thank us for the simple and effortless database implementation. Having all data automatically managed to & in one platform has enabled companies to invest resources to other time-consuming tasks (that are not in the Madtrix’s sphere).