Madtrix for Marketing

Data-driven marketing made easy.

Start using your marketing data and utilize its value to your company. Get direct performance results to optimize, develop and lead your operations. Start collaborating with sales & other functions from result oriented perspective.


Concentrate your money & time to the actions which generate the most results. Understand your channel, campaign & ad performance from 1 view.


Take the strain of from IT & Marketing cooperation. Madtrix build a database & analytics for you both to use. Sharing is caring.


Our platform gives you possibility to forget manual reporting & and gives you instant possibility for data-driven marketing. No months of consulting needed & money bad spent.


Automated reporting & data warehouse. One platform for all of your data. Spesific real-time marketing & sales analytics & reports at one glance.

See how it works!

Visualized analytics & reporting. KPIs, ROI and campaings. All automatically in one view.

Your company is cumulating data all the time – is it going down the drain? Be your marketing actions concentrating on inbound or outbound and whatever channels with any of numerous actions: target should be getting results. We want marketers to be able to follow, analyze & understand all marketing actions from one location. This location is Madtrix.

You need a data warehouse to be able to automatically achieve these functions. We want to make this as easy as possible for you & and your company. By connecting your data sources you will start your cloud-based database. We made it simple.

Omnichannel or multichannel? Doesn’t matter.

The key is to understand the performance of each of the channels your company uses when trying to reach the business results. Whether you have built your marketing as omnichannel or multichannel operations: you should know the performance & relations of your business actions.


All data sources connected to one platform with automated processes. Historical & present data on hand.


Visualized dashboard clarifies the performances of all of your channels. Automatically.


Our MPA shows your marketing performance in one view. Clear visualizations tells you everything you need to know.


By understanding your marketing perfromance you can start to develop it. You’re welcome.

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Madtrix Marketing Performance Analytics = Automated & real-time view

Connecting all the dots from all the channels is made easy with Madtrix. Strategical & operational clarity through a whole organization is important for results: we give you to keys & a vehicle – you’ll decide the destination.

Use Case

Our customer operates on global level and we provided them our product to solve their needs: collecting & understanding the operational marketing data from different markets, ROI as a bottom line. This data is vital for the companys strategical decision making, understanding customers & markets and development of marketing performance.


The customer have operations globally on multiple markets. Their marketing functions are done locally – they needed a platform to enable the observation of marketing performance & ROI of multiple product segments on different markets.


Global industry leader wanted to understand better the individual brands performance on their overall business revenue. They needed to achieve understanding from local operations and their performance to develop & lead their business further.


Madtrix MPA was implemented to track website data & revenues with connected data sources. Marketing stakeholders got access to visualised data through distirbuted browser access.


The customer company has clear clarity from their global performance and where they are regarding their quarterly and annual business goals. Madtrix has made it easy to track global online ROI.

Gain more knowledge!

As knowledge is power & power leads to a great performance when used wisely. Let’s us be the guide for you.

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