Madtrix for Sales

Grow your sales with data.

Utilize your sales & revenue data from CRM, online & offline sources to understand & develop your sales performance. Now you can see transparently how sales & marketing impact to your company’s bottomline.  

We believe that sales & marketing aims for the same goal: making results. Starting to share common ground makes this possible.


Automated reporting & data warehouse. One platform for all of your data. Spesific real-time sales analytics & reports at one glance combined with marketing data.


Take the strain of from cooperation with sales, marketing & marketing. Madtrix builds a database & analytics for you to collaborate with each other. Sharing is caring & grows bottomline.


Our platform gives you possibility to forget manual reporting & and gives you instant possibility for data-driven sales & marketing. No months of consulting needed & money bad spent.


Madtrix helps you to find new revenue streams easily from the actual performance data. Additional & cross sales and new leads in the same platform.

See how it works.

Visualized sales performances, KPIs & targets on one view.

If your company makes sales (recommended action), it’s cumulating data which can be harnessed and utilized to understand & develop sales performances. With Madtrix, organisations can achieve operational efficiency with unified sales & marketing views. Having strategical view on sales & marketing with one platform is made easy by Madtrix.

A data warehouse is necessary to achieve this. We wanted to make the whoe process as easy as possible for you & and your company. By connecting your data sources you will start your cloud-based database. We made it simple. 

How are your organisations’ sales performing in overall?

Yes. You’ll find the numbers if you start looking, but the numbers are not useful by themselves. We recommend that you hop on to the train of advanced analytics and start understanding your sales performance.


All data sources connected to one platform with automated processes. Historical & present data on hand.


Visualized dashboard will tell the reasons behind the data & performance. Automatically & easily.


Our MPA shows your sales performance in one view – connect with marketing data and you’ll have cohesieve performance view.


By understanding your sales & marketing perfromance you can start to develop them both hand-in-hand.

Madtrix Performance Analytics = Automated & real-time view

Connecting all the dots from all the channels is made easy with Madtrix. Strategical & operational clarity through a whole organization is important for results: we give you the key & a vehicle – you’ll decide the destination.

Use case

Our customer uses Madtrix as sales data platform which collects all the sales data across the organisation. The beef is to visualize and implement the data to daily use – we helped to collect, unify & distribute the sales data for strategical purposes. 


Our customer needed a centralised view for sales operations. The solution was needed to cater strategical & operational needs of the organisation. 


The customer had need for a solution that helped them to gain efficiency though understanding from industry market shares, products sales & sales rep performance KPIs among others.  


Madtrix MPA platform was implemented for a customer to collect, store & model the sales data from different sources. The platform makes all this automatically & visualizes the data for analysis.


The customer has been really happy from to have real business impact with data. The clarity from sales performance have been excellent: the customer took the top spot of market shares after Madtrix-implementation. Coincidence?