Follow the instructions to set up Madtrix MPA!


1. Connect your data sources

At first login you land to the welcome page, so: WELCOME. Click the CONNECTIONS-tab to connect Madtrix with data sources using your administrator username & password of wanted services.

NOTE: remember to choose your wanted views & accounts to be visualized after authentication.

TIP: Connect at least Facebook & Google Analytics for social and web traffic

2. Check your Workspaces

Click WORKSPACES-tab once desired services are connected. One workspace is built for you by default. Due to different workspaces, you can decide which data sources are visualized to each dashboard & who can see a specific dashboard. The default dashboard view is included in every workspace.

TIP: Name your dashboard e.g. after used data source, company or by other clear definition.

3. Your Data Warehouse is getting populated!

Click the DASHBOARDS-tab. Madtrix builds and models your data warehouse & analytics in 30 minutes. Traditional data warehouse projects take around 6 to 12 months to complete.

TIP: Here’s time for a break! You can enjoy the saved resources while Madtrix does the work.

4. Add Users for shared joy!

You are the administrator of this workspace as you made the registration. Smart. Add more users who can view your analytics & forget unnecessary manual work.

TIP: You can distribute the real-time analytics to any stakeholder using their email to ensure hassle-free performance communication.

5. Tadaa – your marketing analytics & data journey starts now.

Your default view is ready. You’ll get personalized KPI’s, strategic metrics and edit-mode with Madtrix-subscription.

TIP: Book free demo so you can get rid of unncessary work & start building business value with dataplatform.

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