Marketing Performance Analytics Platform

Madtrix connects all marketing performance relevant data from various sources into one centralized Data storage and visualises your marketing data.



Start monitoring your Marketing Performance Analytics (MPA) with just a few easy steps.

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Step 1. Register your details

Fill in the registration form, confirm your email address, and your account is ready to use.

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Step 2. Connect your data sources

Connect your data sources with your username and password. This will start your automated Madtrix data warehouse population and preparing the data for visualisation.

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Step 3. Your MPA report is ready 

Voilà! Your MPA dashboard is ready to view in minutes after your data sources are connected.


Get data consolidation, Data warehouse, and Connectivity to visualisation layer automatically

An enterprise data warehouse is the core component of any business intelligence platform, it is a central repository of integrated data from multiple data sources. Your current and historical data is stored in a single place where you can analyse the correlations and causalities of your business activities.

Enterprise data warehouse projects used to be costly and time-consuming exercises, but with Madtrix MPA Platform you get this with an instant connection to your data sources, storage capacity, automated data modelling and connectivity to visualisation layer.

How does this benefit your business?


All your marketing and sales data is stored in one secure location


You have all your historical data automatically collected from various data sources and prepared for displaying, trends, correlations and causalities of your marketing activities.


Fact-based trends of past marketing performance and insights to your future business.


With centralised marketing and sales data warehouse, you have the foundation for applying modern technologies for even higher business impact and accuracy of your decision making.


Time limitations of your marketing channels will not affect your ongoing analysis as the data is securely stored in your Madtrix data warehouse, away from your social media and other marketing platforms.


What used to take tens of days consultancy, is now ready in couple of minutes and you can start optimising your business immediately.


The Madtrix Data Platform connects and models all data relevant for your performance analysis for example, your marketing, sales, finance, customer experience, and competitor data.

Marketing & Social Media Data

Connect all your digital marketing data including Social Media, Email Automation, Website Analytics, and more.

Sales & Contract Data

Connect your CRM, or Internal Database to Madtrix to see your Marketing to Revenue performance.

Market & Competitor Data

Connect competitor and industry data, this allows you to see how the business is performing in the environment you are operating in.

Customer Experience Data

Connect customer experience programs to see how your Marketing activities are affecting your customer experience.

Custom Data Sources

Connect data from additional sources like your internal folders and spreadsheets. Madtrix can integrate and model any data from sources like SQL databases and file hosting services.



Marketing Performance Analytics (MPA) Visualisation – Suitable for All Perspectives

View the report relevant to you! Multilevel reports make it easy for each level of management to view the appropriate report for them. If you wish to see more, you can always query the structured data from Madtrix Data Platform into your Enterprise Data Lake or to your Business Intelligence Tool for further analytics.

3 level reporting - Dashboards


See the effect Marketing is having on your overall business goals

    • ROMI
    • Growth
    • NPS
    • Churn risk
    • Cross & Up sell potential
    • Marketing to Revenue analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking


Go beyond your campaign reporting and understand how your brand value is developing.

    • Perceptual, Behavioural and Interaction KPI’s
    • Marketing spend efficiency
    • Brand Awareness
    • Customer Consideration and Action
    • Impressions, View-through rate, Clicks
    • Customer Experience
  • Session reporting


Omnichannel Marketing analytics for all your tactical level reporting

    • Campaign to Lead Analytics
    • Omnichannel reporting (both online & offline campaigns)
    • Eliminate manual reporting
    • Up-to-date campaign performance
  • Conversions

Connect, Unify, and Manage all your Marketing Data

Data security is our primary concern, we take the utmost care to make Madtrix extremely secure for our customers and partners.

Secure Data Platform

Data on the Madtrix data platform is encrypted in transit (over the network) and at rest (non-volatile storage), securing end-to-end encryption and keeping your data safe. Data capacity is located in Europe.

Click here to read more about security.

Connect Your Favourite BI tool

Madtrix is NOT another black-box. You can query data from the Madtrix Data Platform into your current Data Lake and/or Business Intelligence tool for further processing. Automatically collected and structured data is an enormous time saver for your business.

Automated Data Management

Madtrix integrates and structures the source system data through intelligent ELT process (extract, load, transform) automatically. Madtrix will manage changes in source system API interface, so you can concentrate on your performance analytics.

Automatically prepared and stored data is the foundation for applying modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Easy Management of Multiple Ad Accounts & Users

Managing multiple advertising accounts and user roles can be a daunting and time-consuming task. With Madtrix workspace management you can manage customer, country or business unit related user groups, ad and data accounts.

The Madtrix MPA report can show account level views for each group and a consolidated view of all your accounts.

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