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Madtrix Solution for SMEs

Regardless of the size of your business or management level Madtrix can take out the pain and give you an easy to understand, up-to-date, and efficient Marketing Return on Investment analytics.

How Madtrix works

Cost-Effective Display of your
Marketing Return on Investment Analysis

For small to medium businesses, it can sometimes be hard to understand how Marketing is impacting your Sales Figures and Growth. With Madtrix you’ll get a clear understanding of how your Marketing is contributing to your Revenue and Business Goals.

  1. Omnichannel Marketing Performance Analytics
  2. Fast, Easy, & Secure connection with all your Data Sources
  3. Real-time, Mobile Access to your Analytics
  4. Share your Analytics with Multiple Users

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Setting up Madtrix is Easy

Start monitoring your Marketing Performance Analytics (MPA) with just a few easy steps.

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Step 1. Sign-up

Fill in the registration form, confirm your email address, and your account is ready to use.

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Step 2. Connect your data sources

Connect your data sources with the username and password. This will start your automated Madtrix data warehouse population and preparing the data for visualization.

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Step 3. Your MPA report is ready

Voilà! Your MPA dashboard is ready to view in minutes after your data sources are connected.


Here is What Our Customers are Saying About Us

MADTRIX implemented a solution on schedule, which allows us to deliver an automated and efficient service to our customers to support data-driven business development and grow customer value.

Sami Oittinen


Actually, our project with MADTRIX could be described as boring because it ran so smoothly.

Lasse Makela


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